ISO 9001:2015 is designed to help organisations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other interested parties, while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service.

This standard enables you to meet customers' requirements through an efficient, effective quality management system ( QMS ). It is suitable for any organisation that wishes to improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and build a culture of continual improvement.

ISO 9001:2015 is based on the plan-do-check-act methodology and provides a process-based approach to documenting and reviewing the structure, responsibilities and procedures in the organisation, which are required to achieve effective quality management. ISO 9001 is not only recognised internationally as the world’s most widely adopted quality management system (QMS), it is also a powerful business improvement tool. An ISO 9001 quality management system will help you to continually monitor and manage quality across your business so you can identify areas for improvement.

As part of the project, TLN Consulting will provide a Register of Legislation. This is not a requirement of 9001:2015, although being aware of legislation applicable to your product or service is included in the standard.



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